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Media Relations

Newspapers, radio and TV stations (especially local ones) are always looking for fresh story ideas, particularly those with a "human interest" angle.The goal is to fulfill the journalist's requirement for news while enhancing the client's image in the public eye.

We spend a lot of time cultivating relationships with journalists and other members of the mass media. This is done by researching which journalists write about the client's industry or personal interests. 


We create a press kit, or media kit. A journalist might request a press kit as a follow-up to a press release. The press kit contains everything the journalist needs to understand who the client is and what the client does. That could include:

  • Executive profiles

  • Quick facts about an organization, such as its company history

  • Photographs

  • Detailed product descriptions; even samples

  • Recent press releases


Press Conferences

Press conferences are media events. They are designed to either get positive press coverage of an announcement by your organisation, perhaps of a new policy, product or service, or to limit negative coverage of a problem or disaster.

Crisis Management ​

We also manage crises. "All publicity is good publicity," claims the old PR adage. But one piece of really bad press can tarnish the well-honed image of a business, college or restaurants for good.We create a crisis management plan to respond quickly and proactively when a potentially damaging story is breaking.

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