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Embracing Ambience at KLocal,CC1 Kolkata

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

There is no dearth of exotic themed restaurants in Kolkata, and KLocal at Sector 1, Saltlake will provide you with a one of its kind dining experience.

The first things that will strike your mind when you enter the restaurant are a portion of the quintessential yellow Kolkata taxi and the psychedelic lights underneath your feet.

Apart from the mind boggling indoor seating arrangement, there are gorgeous cabanas outside where one can escape the ruckus and have some quiet time to themselves. One recommended dish that is a must try at KLocal is the ‘Bhatte Ki Lollypop’.

Chicken lollypop is something very dear to most food lovers and the KLocal version of it will leave you craving for more. A crunchy outside crust with juicy chicken on the inside, the dish is cooked to perfection and served with green chutney and papad.

It is a definite must try as you visit this eye-catching themed restaurant which is another prized addition to the gastronomic delights of Kolkata. Pictures by Arghyajit Saha 

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