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Dine like a Nawab at Nawwarah

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like to indulge in some royal treatment once in a while. If your taste buds are longing for something regal and exotic, hop in at Nawwarah Fine Dineand Lounge, right opposite Quest mall.

On entering, you’re bound to be awestruck by the grand ambience. From intricately designed mirrors to the magnificent glass ceiling; the décor aptly represents a modern royal set up. The marvelous chandeliers, the palatial furniture, all seem to duplicate the royal palaces in the East.

Coming to the food, this is a vegetarian joint. But I would strongly recommend this to all despite their preferred taste. We started with mock tails namely the ‘Watermelon Cooler’ which had. The perfect balance of watermelon juice along with other ingredients. The ‘Daab Mojito’ which was actually served inside the daab and a tangy, refreshing drink called Safe Sex on the Beach’.

The starters were a true delight consisting of ‘Dhanno Basanti’- potatoes filled with sweet paneer filling and served with flavorful paneer kebabs; ‘Corn Tulips’- a dish as unique as its name. It had spicy corn and vegetable mix, presented on crisp wonton base and garnished with mint leaves;

Sufiana Paneer Tikka’- made of creamy paneer and subtle spices, cooked to perfection which melts in your mouth and ‘Cottage Cheese 65’ consisting of big chunky paneer pieces dipped in hot red sauce. The Corn Tulips and the Dhanno Basanti are highly recommended here and are a must try.

For the main course, there was their signature ‘Bread Basket’ carrying an assortment of flavorsome Indian breads like Naan, Kulcha and others. To compliment that was the ‘Daal Makhani’, served with generous topping of cream and butter and ‘Pind da Channa’ giving a tangy kick to the taste buds. Finally it was the dessert that took my breath away. The ‘Baked Gulab Jamun’ was a sweet surprise,which had soft gulab jamun stuffed inside cake and served with a scoop of good old ice cream. To conclude there was the ‘Milky Way’. A heavenly treat for all chocolate lovers out there, it was made live by their in house experts. It is basically a scrumptious amalgamation of brownies, macaroons and chocolate sauce and topped with liquid nitrogen for a dramatic sizzle.

Overall, Nawwarah offers you a quintessential fine dine experience with their mind boggling décor, friendly staffs and array lip smacking vegetarian dishes.

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